Gemstones and Mercury Products

Like every other market, the gemstones market is also flooded with duplicates. For better results, it is always advised to wear the original stones. If you're not able to differentiate the original from the duplicate, then we're here to help you.

We provide 100% original stones which are tested and certified. Simply, contact us for more details regarding the price and availability.

Original Gemstones (Price per 1 carat)

Blue Sapphire - Rs.3,000 to Rs.8,600          Cats Eye (India) - Rs.800                           Cats Eye (Kanak Kheth) - Rs.12,000

Red Coral (Japanese) - Rs.2,000                 Diamond - Out of Stock                             Emerald - Rs.3,000 to Rs.9,500

Gomedh (Celyonese) - Rs.6,000                 Gomedh (Indian) - Rs.800                        Basara Pearl - Rs.11,100

Red Coral (Italian) - Rs.900                      Red Coral Triangular (Italian) - Rs.900                    Ruby (Burmese) - Rs.20,000

Ruby (Indian) - Rs.1,000                            Ruby (Mozambique) - Rs.5,000                   South Sea Pearl - Rs.1,000

Yellow Sapphire - Rs.3,000 to Rs.8,600

Dakshinavarti Shankh - Rs.1,000 to Rs.3,000                   Hatha Jodi - Out of Stock

The above rates are for the indicated sizes. For extra large sizes, special rates will be applicable. The above rates are indicative for small orders. Please check with us for the best rates for bulk orders. The above rates are indicative and may slightly change. Please check with us for the latest rates at the time of placing an order.

The word quality is a subjective word and specifically in case of gemstones, it signifies the size of the gemstone, its clarity and color. We only deal in Natural astrological quality gemstones and do not sell treated or heated gemstones.

Original Lab Tested Mercury Products

Mercury Shivaling - Rs.6,000 to Rs.12,000
Mercury Gutika - Rs.1,000 to Rs.4,000
Mercury Ring - Rs.3,000
Mercury Shiva Locket - Rs.2,500
Mercury Shiva Locket - Rs.2,500
Mercury Ganesh Locket - Rs.2,500
Mercury Om Locket - Rs.2,500
Mercury Hanuman Locket - Rs.2,500
Mercury Durga Locket - Rs.2,500

For additional details like Price and availability, please contact us either through mail or phone.

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